Here’s a little bit more about me…

Again, my name is Amanda, also affectionately known as A-Pop, a NYC transplant who has thrived in the heart of the fashion capital for over a decade. As a Coach, Educator, and Creator of HappiYou– a brand for people intentional about their happiness, I’ve now decided to incorporate my talent to elevate and transform one’s personal style. As a lifelong fashion enthusiast, I’ve always seen clothes as a powerful way to express your true self.

Over the years I have enhanced my natural eye for trends and an intuitive ability to understand the essence of style. My journey as a stylist is driven by a genuine desire to connect with each client on a deeper level. I believe that fashion is not just about the clothes we wear; it’s a powerful means of self-expression and empowerment.

By employing my keen skills and intuition, I aim to delve into the uniqueness of each individual, unraveling their personal stories and preferences. This process allows me to create authentic and distinctive styles that perfectly resonate with my clients’ true selves. I’m committed to making every styling experience enjoyable, uplifting, and most importantly, a celebration of each person’s inherent beauty and confidence.

Together, we’ll embark on a style journey that goes beyond the surface, crafting ensembles that reflect your personality, passions, and aspirations. It’s time to unlock your full style potential. Let’s join forces and make your fashion dreams a reality!

Like countless others, you’ve arrived here because:

  • You’re exhausted from the endless struggle of figuring out what truly suits you.
  • You’re fed up with spending your hard-earned money on items that end up untouched in your closet.
  • Shopping is an ordeal, and you simply crave the clarity of knowing what effortlessly works for you.
  • You believe that your dressing style is hindering your personal and professional growth.
  • You have a clear sense of self, yet you yearn for guidance to express it authentically through your style.
  • You’re tired of feeling like you don’t match up to your partner’s style confidence.
    What you need is a seamless solution, executed perfectly from the very start.

Let’s face it, looking good can be simple, but not always easy.

Picture this—

— A closet filled only with hand-selected pieces you love to wear, curated just for you.

— Discover the joy of always knowing what to wear and looking your absolute best, every single day.

— Say goodbye to wasting time and money on clothes you don’t love, with Styled by A-Pop’s personalized selection.

— Confidence is yours to own when you look and feel your very best, every damn day.